How can I use your load-balanced network?

You can use our proxies in 2 different ways, either going through our load-balancer node (LB-N), either going directly through the sub-nodes (S-N). For example: LB-N-Austria-Vodafone (LBA) might be using S-N-Austria-Vodafone-1 (SN1) and S-N-Austria-Vodafone-2 (SN2). If SN1 falls, then LBA will go through SN2. You could choose to do that yourself by pinging our nodes (either directly or through our API) every X seconds / minutes. In some countries where we only have 1 sub-node, then if SN is down, then LB is down. If multiple sub-nodes are available, then the load-balancer chooses the best one based on multiple parameters such as last measured speed, capacity and current usage.

To sum-up, the advantages of going through our load balancers are:

  • You are sure to go through the quickest route in real time.
  • If we add or delete sub-nodes, this is invisible to you and you do not have to update your sub-node list.

It is up to you to decide whether you prefer using our Load-Balancer Nodes or our Sub-Nodes.

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