Can I change my IP?

You can't change manually your IP on our proxies except if you are using our API and have the rights to use our function " renew IP" which forces the modem to disconnect / reconnect (average time of 45 seconds).

A few interesting facts about IP rotation on our proxies:

  • Operators don't communicate their way of renewing IPs. However, our tests have shown that the IP is renewed each time we reconnect to their network. We do not have an exact grasp as to how many IPs are technically available to us but it does seem that you can get a different IP every time you connect even if it does happen that you are assigned the same IP twice.
  • A natural IP renewal occurs on our proxies when a disconnection occurs. This can happen if we loose the signal or reboot a modem or a server for example (maintenance).
  • If you are using our Load Balancers you will be using multiple IPs for one carrier. See section about Load Balancing for more information.

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