Why is my proxy not working?

If a proxy is not working, there are easy checks you can do to see where the problem is coming from:

  1. Check that your local Internet network is working by launching a random query in Google for example (make sure to deactivate the proxy before).
  2. If you are using our plugin on Chrome or our application on a Smartphone, look at the listing of proxies and see if the proxy you are trying to use is labeled "(DOWN)" next to its name. If so, you can try using another proxy from the same operator if available. If not, there is a problem on our side and you can be sure we are working on fixing it as quickly as possible. Nonetheless, feel free to contact us.
  3. Check with your system administrator that our IPs are allowed on your network. If that is not the case, put your system administrator in contact with our tech team to sort things out.

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